PolyGamer is founded by a blockchain game-development team based in Asia. Since 2015, the team has been developing mobile mini-games. Starting from 2018, the team began researching blockchain technology and experimenting with developing mini-games on the Ethereum network, EOS, TRON, and Binance Smart Chain Network.

We had been aiming to launch more games on the Ethereum mainnet, but the high gas fees would deter users from engaging and playing. Now with Polygon’s layer 2 scaling solution, we are able to utilize the Ethereum community and build games that could operate faster and cheaper for everyone.

We are excited to be one of the early developers on Polygon, and we hope to attract more game developers into this ecosystem.



Token Name: PolyGamer Token
Ticker Symbol: GAME
Token Contract Address: 0x311E0296CD0039C63974996c905352eB61FC2562
Chain: Polygon
Supply: Unlimited (Only farming for the initial 2 weeks)
Owner: MasterChef (Contract Address: 0x49C472315BADa5612b5EfB0a1152e59461E0dBfE)
MasterChef as owner of GAME Token: 0x2F0183bd71A7a529C863277901070AFb5Ab5C582
Timelock (6 Hours) Address: 0xA7d76bB5233340E7eE3A9F62b058C879cF61356B

Emission Rate 0.1 GAME / block


Earthie GmbH
Friedrich Strasse 57
330444 Berlin

0044 566 873 322

2021 2nd Quarter
1. Website launch
2. Farm launch
3. $GAME launch
4. GAME Pools
5. Referral Program launch
6. List on Coingecko
7. First game launch
8. NFT Marketplace
9. First competition
10. Expand $GAME to Sushiswap
11. Expand $GAME to Dfyn
12. Auto-compounding Vaults

Leveraged yield farming protocol
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